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Love Love Love Love}
Thursday, February 7, 2013 | 2/07/2013 01:36:00 AM | 1Comment

Hai... Hai... 
ari nie Mood warna warni lah.. Mcm nie   --- > 
comel kan.. klo ari2 mood mcm nie..wahh !! indah nye....  Nak tengok ape yg kite tulis??? jom..




I thinks of love it brings me down

Wasted a lot of time just looking around

And i wonder if there's someone out there for me

To love to cherish for eternity

Try to get on with my life but it's just too tough

When all i can think about is someone to love

I'm hoping for the right one to come along

Cos i don't want to sing this same old song

Love Love  Love Love Love

Thinking about if the person I need is right in front of me

I've wasted all this time cos i couldn't see
Love Love  Love Love   Love Love

p/s : pandang kiri pandang kanan ,, peacee =)  

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